Electrostatic air filters - Fix fuel filter.

Electrostatic Air Filters

electrostatic air filters

  • Of or relating to stationary electric charges or fields as opposed to electric currents

  • (electrostatically) in an electrostatic manner; "the dust adhered electrostatically to the surface"

  • concerned with or producing or caused by static electricity; "an electrostatic generator produces high-voltage static electricity"

  • One of the oldest speaker design principles, electrostatic speakers are generally comprised of two fixed perforated panels with a constant high-voltage charge applied to them. In between these two panels is an extremely low-mass diaphragm to which the audio signal is applied, causing it to move.

    air filters
  • A device for filtering particles of dust, soot, etc., from the air passing through it, esp. one protecting the air inlet of an internal combustion engine

  • (air filter) a filter that removes dust from the air that passes through it

  • (Air filter) The air filter prevents dirt and other abrasive foreign particles in the air from entering the engine's cylinders where they would cause mechanical wear and oil contamination.

  • A particulate air filter is a device composed of fibrous materials which removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air.

electrostatic air filters - FRAM CF8644A

FRAM CF8644A Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter

FRAM CF8644A Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter

Outside air flowing through the vehicle's ventilation system can expose passengers to road dust and pollen. FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filters can filter 98% of these contaminants (particles ranging from 5-100 microns). Each FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter contains Arm & Hammer backing soda and carbon which are embedded into the filter to absorb odors and freshen the air. The model number for this item was formerly FCF8644A.

The FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter is an easy to install air filter that both filters and deodorizes the air drawn into your vehicle, as well as improves available airflow critical to the efficient workings of air conditioning and heating systems. Designed utilizing the first of its kind mix of active carbon and baking soda woven into the fibers of the filter, it has the ability to remove up to 98% of contaminants that drivers, passengers and vehicle air ducts are exposed to, while also providing twice the protection against commonly occurring odors than other cabin air filters.
FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with box
Active carbon and baking soda in filter for better in-vehicle air quality and flow. View larger.
What is a Cabin Air Filter?
Not nearly as well-known as familiar oil and standard air filters, many drivers may never even have heard of a cabin air filter. Usually located either inside the passenger compartment near the glove compartment, or under the hood near the windshield, they are used to filter air drawn into your car from the outside for the comfort of passengers, as well as for use by air conditioning and heating systems. They are designed to minimize particles both large and small, as well as allergens and other contaminants and are used in approximately 80% of the vehicles built since the 2000 model year. It is recommended that they be replaced on either an annual basis, or every 15,000 miles. Like any other automotive filter, neglecting to do this can lead to possible risks to your vehicle and/or passengers, in this case including impeded performance of your heating or air conditioning systems by limiting the flow of fresh clean air used by those systems, as well as possible corrosion inside the system and musty or even noxious air vented throughout the vehicle.
Illustration of contaminants removed by the FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter
Removes up to 98% of road dust, pollen and other contaminants, as well as most common odors. View larger.
Unique Carbon/Baking Powder Technology
The FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter utilizes a unique technology that combines the natural filtering properties of activated carbon and the renowned deodorizing properties of Arm & Hammer baking soda. Infused together within the filter's folds this allows for the removal of 98% of road dust and road pollen* that your vehicle's air circulation system takes in. In addition, this combination also allows for superior protection against odors drawn from outside sources, providing twice the ability to deodorize common odors compared to filters not treated with carbon and baking soda.
Key Features
Premium Efficiency - Filters 98% of road dust and road pollen dramatically improving in-vehicle air quality*
Improved Air Flow - Periodic replacing of cabin air filters improves air intake air flow used in heating and air conditioning systems
Odor Absorption - The FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter packs twice the ability to deodorize common odors drawn from outside sources compared to filters not treated with carbon and baking soda
Fresh Essence - The FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter removes the reoccurring musty smell that can develop in air conditioning and heating systems
Easy to Install - Installs quickly and easily in most cars in minutes with minimal, or even no tools, depending on car model
FRAM filters are warranted against defects in design, materials and workmanship. New vehicle warranties remain in effect when FRAM filters are installed according to directions on FRAM filter packaging and replaced at least as often as vehicle manufacturer's recommended change intervals.
About FRAM
Today FRAM is known as America's number one oil filter brand, and the FRAM team continues to manufacture and market a variety of quality oil, air and fuel filters, as well as many automotive accessories such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators.
*Road dust and pollen particles ranging in size from 5-100 microns.

87% (9)

clouds of dust

clouds of dust

There is this thing called electrostatic precipitator, its sort of a massive air filter. Well, it failed a few days back. The result:

Incredible huge clouds of dust. It seems like cement production is a dirty business. No picture can do justice to the spectacle !
(especially this one. This was taken by my mobile phone)

54 years of crap

54 years of crap

Popquiz, all you aerodynamics folks. How fast does air flow over sandpaper?

Answer: not very.

This is also a reason to NEVER EVER put an electrostatic filter in your HVAC system.

electrostatic air filters

electrostatic air filters

Koss ESP-950 Electrostatic Stereophone

Koss ESP-950 Electrostatic Headphone ESP-950 Headphones & Earphones

Audiophiles seeking the best headphones money can buy should definitely consider the Koss ESP-950 electrostatic stereophone. The headset uses state-of-the-art electrostatic transducers rather than the fiber cone drivers typically used in headphones and loudspeakers. These transducers operate on currentless electrostatic charges with push-pull capacitor plates to induce movement in an intervening, low-mass, semiconductive diaphragm. That's a technical way of saying that these ear pieces are highly sensitive and very responsive to minute fluctuations in audio, rendering your music with delicacy and warmth, and with microdynamics--tiny fluctuations in the musicians' output level--intact. The stereophone uses a soft, vinyl closed-ear design for sonic isolation and includes a battery pack, a leather carrying case, connecting cables, and a 120-volt AC adapter.

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